Working With The School After A Private Evaluation

If you’ve already had the testing done, it doesn’t mean the results can’t be considered. Schedule a time to go over the report with your child’s IEP team or other school staff. Check for Educational Evaluations in US at UT Evaluators

If the school says the private evaluation doesn’t meet its standards, talk about what would make it usable. Ask what’s useful in the report, and what might be missing.

For example, some evaluation reports only have an explanation of the results and what they mean. There may be more information available that just isn’t included in the report. If the school wants more detail or information, the private evaluator may be able to write a new report with that included.

Keep in mind that even if you have a private evaluation, you can still also request a school evaluation. In fact, some schools may insist on doing their own full evaluation. They may need to use a particular evaluation process.

If you do make an evaluation request, make sure to explain that you’re asking for the school to evaluate areas that weren’t previously looked at. The goal is to have a full picture of your child’s skills. For Educational Evaluations in US visit here

Understanding the Private Evaluation Process

The more you know about private evaluations, the better able you’ll be to work with your child’s school. Learn more about how to get a private evaluation. Explore questions to ask before hiring an evaluator. And find out about your evaluation rights.

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