Top 5 Ways To Prove You’re A Local Real Estate Expert

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More than anything, home buyers and sellers want to work with a local real estate expert who knows their market like the back of their hand.

That means knowing all important data for their area:

A. What types of listings have sold most frequently?

B. What kinds of properties come on the market?

C. What’s the average price point for a new home?

D. What neighborhoods and developments are hot?

It also means knowing more than just home sales and value statistics, though. You need to understand your town — including those who live there — and be an integral part of your community.To know more details on Real Estate Digital Marketing Agency check Realty DS.

While the following activities might not have much to do with buying and selling a property, they can help you show you are a local real estate expert, as opposed to you simply saying you are one.

Here are five tips to prove you’re a true neighborhood expert.

Don’t Just Sponsor Events, Get Involved

Sponsoring community events is a great first step to showing that you care about your community, but a true neighborhood expert often goes above and beyond to get involved in those events directly.

Perhaps instead of simply sponsoring a 5k run for a good cause, you put on your running shoes and participate directly. Instead of donating a nice spread of food for a community event, show up, mingle, and help serve the food yourself.

There are so many ways to get involved, so you can pick the activities that work for you.

Attend Community Meetings

Attending town hall meetings is one of the best ways to learn about a community and the issues that impact its residents.

By attending meetings regularly, you’ll always have the inside scoop on upcoming changes to local regulations, and on exciting new projects that will add value to the community.

Town hall meetings are also a great place to build local connections and show your face to the public.

Virtual Tours

Looking to take your online real estate marketing to the next level? Consider creating virtual tours of the neighborhoods where you do business, so clients can get a first-hand look at a neighborhood even if they can’t visit in person.

Virtual tours are also a great way to demonstrate your expertise, by creating narrated tours that guide viewers through the unique characteristics of each neighborhood.

Social Proof

Your social media presence is one of your most important marketing assets as a real estate agent, and social is also an excellent place to show off your neighborhood expertise.

But it takes more than just posting links to listings or articles about your community.For more information on Online Marketing Company for Real Estate visit Ibin

Make sure that you also take the time to engage your social connections directly, encouraging them to ask questions about neighborhoods, and providing the type of personalized, in-depth answers that show you’re a true local expert.

For even more social proof, encourage clients to leave reviews after you help them close the deal. Every positive review has the potential to reach countless prospects that are looking for a real estate agent with true neighborhood expertise.

Leverage Local SEO and Content Marketing

How will people learn that you’re a neighborhood expert, if they don’t know where to find your real estate business online? Local SEO makes it easier for prospects to find your business, and begin taking the next steps to learn about your expertise.

The content on your real estate website and blog is a great place to integrate local SEO and talk about the neighborhood-related topics that your audience wants to see most.

Are you searching for a team that understands real estate marketing, and can help you prove that you’re a true neighborhood expert? Contact Realty DS Media Group to learn more about our real estate marketing services.

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