The Point Based System for Australia Immigration

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A Points system is a method of choosing labor migrant workers based on the attributes including such as academic qualifications, language knowledge, work experience, and occupation. Points systems are typically used to select migrants for economic reasons rather than for family migrants, refugees, or international students.

The most well-known examples of point systems come from Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Points systems can be designed in a variety of ways, but key features that have traditionally understood points systems are as follows:

  • Applicants are granted points for various qualities, and their score on a ‘points test’ is used to determine if they are eligible to migrate (though it will not necessarily be the only factor considered).
  • There is some flexibility in how applicants achieve the requirements, so someone with less of one desired attribute (for example, competent job experience) can compensate by having more of another (e.g. language proficiency).
  • Some people who want to move for work may be eligible for visas even if they don’t have a job offer lined up ahead of time.

However, during the last decade, the gap between employer-driven systems and points-based systems, in which migrants can move without a job lined up, has decreased as some governments employing points systems have attempted to expand the involvement of companies (e.g. by prioritizing migrants who have job offers).

Most nations do not use points-based systems to select work migrants, instead of relying on ’employer-driven’ work-visa systems. In employer-driven systems, potential migrants must have a job offer from an employer who is willing to sponsor them.

In Australia and several other nations, point systems are used to select skilled migrant labor. They are a method of evaluating or prioritizing job applicants based on factors including education, language abilities, and work experience. Candidates who receive the greatest number of points based on these traits are invited to apply for a visa in Australia. Other nations with points tests, such as Austria and New Zealand, require or prioritize work offers, whereas Australia permits persons to migrate without a job offer.

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