Nissan Micra Hatchback First Drive & Transmission

Nissan Micra Overview

The Nissan Micra started life in the Japanese market in October of 1982 with the purpose of Competing against the Honda City and the Toyota Starlet. It was also a replacement for the ever-growing Nissan Cherry which has officially outgrown the supermini segment at the time. Over four generations, the Micra hadn’t changed much – it maintained a bubbly-like, somewhat boring appearance. But, for the 2016 Model year, Nissan ushered in a new generation. Debuting at the Paris Auto Show, the new Micra shared absolutely nothing with the previous models, except for its name. It comes complete with a new, modernized exterior and interior design, a handful of advanced safety technologies, and the option of two, 90-horsepower engines with a 73-horsepower gasoline engine available shortly after launch. Book a test drive for Nissan Micra in Hyderabad at Tryaldrive

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When Nissan pulled the covers off of the Micra in Paris, we here at TopSpeed were quite shocked at what Nissan had done to this bubbly little car. The days of round headlights and boring, lackluster design are long gone. Originally unable to compete with a lot of other vehicles in its segment, the Micra is now able to take on the likes of the Ford Fiesta and the Honda Jazz with pride, and it looks damn good doing it too. So, with that said, let’s take a look at Nissan’s revamped Micra and the newest threat to the supermini segment.

Nissan Micra Design & Look

Nissan’s new small car has been built on its new global platform that has been developed especially for the emerging markets. The car carries curvy exteriors and comes in bright colours which definitely eye-catching.The first thing which grabs the attention is the prominent logo of Nissan and the uniquely designed bonnet. It looks quite sporty and the big clear lens Headlight also won’t go unrecognised. The front portion is bit short compared to other hatchbacks like i20 and Polo. The side panels, body colour painted door handles, and curvy quarter panel are pretty decent. The R14 sized tyres add to the beauty of car.

Though the rear doors are designed well, the door handle and the rear windshield wiper placement do reduce the feel good effect created by the shape of the hatch back door.The car has a smooth and curved design, also aiding in the car’s drag. It has one of the most impressive coefficient drags of 0.32 which helps in delivering better mileage.The car’s bloated style may not appeal to few but the overall shape of the car is really charming and cute. We’ll let the pictures do the rest of the talking.

Nissan Micra Cabin & space

Step in and though the classification suggests that the Micra is a small car, it is generously spacious on the inside. The interior quality is definitely more upmarket than the competitors. Two tone grey colored dashboard looks neat and the silver finished centre console is not only looks good but adds a classy feel to the interiors. There are no prizes for noticing that the interiors have been given a circular theme by Nissan. Be it the circular air conditioning vents or the instrument cluster in the centre console which controls the automatic climate control.

The three spoke steering wheel feels good to hold as it has grooves which accommodate your thumb in the driving position. The name ‘Nissan’ is neatly carved out of plastic in the centre. We are told that this will be replaced with a chrome Nissan badge in the production model (we were provided with a pre production model). Chrome door handles feel rich and look classy. The instrument cluster is easy to read and the multi information display shows real time average and distance to empty. Fuel indicator is digital and the temperature gauge is somehow absent.Unexpectedly, the front left sun visor is devoid of the mirror and surely the ladies wont be too happy with that.

The Micra is the only car in the segment which offers electrically foldable and electrically adjustable outside rear view mirrors. Turn on the car and them mirrors unfold automatically and vice versa. Nissan has also equipped the Micra with push button start, a feature which is usually seen in high end luxury cars. We will come to that a bit later. These features may be more ‘show than go’ but they certainly differentiate the Micra from the others. The music system is aided with Aux connectivity and one can connect their iPod or music phone to it directly. Sound quality is average. Nissan commitment for safety is highlighted by the fact that even the basic version is fitted with drivers side airbags, a contrast to Maruti Suzuki wherein the top end swift diesel is still pleading for airbags.

Nissan Micra Engine & Transmission

Nissan hasn’t said a whole lot about what really motivates the new Micra, but at launch, there will be a 0.9-liter, gasoline-powered three-cylinder and a 1.5-liter, diesel-powered mill. Both deliver 90 horsepower. After launch, a 1.0-liter, naturally aspirated, gasoline engine will join the lineup with a whopping 73 horsepower. Nissan claims that the new Micra will stand out in the crowd with agile performance, but it’s hard to imagine even a small hatchback with less than 100 horsepower offering a very thrilling experience. The look of the interior and exterior makes up for it a bit, but you could really sum it up as “all look and no go.”

As far as performance is concerned, Nissan has yet to reveal any relevant numbers. I wouldn’t expect to see very much in terms of a 0-60 mph sprint, and top speed will probably be around 100 mph at best. The car does include active ride control for “enhanced ride comfort” and active trace control which Nissan claims to “combine driver enjoyment and reassurance.” Again, we’re talking about a car with less than 100 horsepower, so I can’t imagine that understeer or sharp handling is really on the mind of anyone who wanders into a Nissan dealership and gets behind the wheel. These two features were, however, only available on the Nissan Qashqai and the X-Trail up to this point, so the Micra has that going for it. Greater steering feel and response can be afforded by the available electric power steering system.

Nissan Micra Driving Dynamics

Nissan has softened the suspension for a smooth ride over the treacherous road conditions we are subjected to. Light steering means the car is nippy and is easier to manouvre through city traffic and a turning radius of 4.65 meters only helps. Handling is sharp but the tires give up soon and spoil the show. The top variant we tested was equipped with ABS and BA (braking assist) and though the ABS and BA kick in instantaneously, the puny 165/70/14 tires tend to lose grip on hard braking. A tire upgrade is sure to sort this out. Brakes are responsive with minimal play. Overall, commendable ride and handling.

Nissan Micra Braking & safety

The new Nissan Micra features ventilated disc brakes at the front and drum units at the back. Safety features on the Nissan Micra 2018 include standard dual frontal airbags, driver’s seat belt warning indicator, standard rear parking sensors and speed warning.

Nissan Micra Price in Chennai

Nissan Micra On-Road Price in Chennai ranges from 7,06,248 to 15,97,363 for variants Micra XL CVT and Micra DCI XL Comfort respectively. Nissan Micra is available in 5 variants and 6 colours. Below are details of Nissan Micra variants price in Chennai. Check for Micra price in Chennai at Carzprice

Nissan Micra Verdict

The interior and exterior design of the Micra is rather impressive considering what the outgoing model brings to the table. There’s lots of new technology, and the car itself is much sportier and more inviting than ever. The Micra will make a perfect economy or city car, however, the extreme looks of the interior and exterior could mislead you to believe there is something powerful lurking under the hood. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case. Even for a small car such as this, 90 horsepower isn’t anything to write home about and getting on the highway will be excessively boring. I’ll file this one under the “all looks and no go category” but at least you can look and feel good while going slow. If we could just convince Nissan to give this car some extra go – maybe to the tune of 150 horsepower – the Micra might be the perfect mini hatch.

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